The by GG – Fine Art Photography Shop Is Online

The by GG – Fine Art Photography Shop

“… shops on either side, can human industry or ingenuity go farther? Ah, human felicity! to have at once so many wants suggested and supplied! Wretched Grecian daughters! miserable Roman matrons! to whom shopping was an unknown pleasure, what did, what could employ them? Harm, no doubt; for ‘Satan finds mischief still for idle hands to do.’ But, without that grand resource, how they got through the four-and-twenty hours, like the man with the iron mask, remains a mystery.”
Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Romance and Reality, 1831, Volume 1, Chapter X

Proudly announcing that phase one of the by GG – Fine Art Photography Shop is now online: At Artsies by GG you find your favorite Skies by Gabriele Golissa™ photograph as an accessory or a keepsake. So far you can choose between greeting cards, Galaxy and iPhone cases, and tote bags with some of my most cherished Skies. For open edition photographs you will also find various print options in different sizes; for limited edition photographs I offer small prints (8 x 6 in) on different surfaces. Should you prefer your prints framed, you can also choose between different framing alternatives. So take a look right here!

I am planning on selling limited edition prints from my website again some time soon. Check back later for that, before any mischief happens 🙂

Skies by Gabriele Golissa™ Prints and Postcards Now Available on Fine Art America

by GG - Fine Art Photography now on Fine Art America

All you sky-lovers out there can now find Skies by Gabriele Golissa™ prints and postcards on Fine Art America. In business since 2006, Fine Art America calls itself “the world’s largest art marketplace”. What sets them apart from other online art sales platforms is that artists can choose to offer not only prints, matting, and framing, but also a lot of other art related products that Fine Art America prints on demand whenever someone chooses to buy any such product. And I just love that they also offer skies art for sale!

While I do not offer regular Skies by Gabriele Golissa™ limited edition prints through Fine Art America, I offer small prints (8 x 6 in) for these photographs. For open edition photographs however, you have various print options in different sizes. And for my favorite Skies you also find postcards and other artsies on my Fine Art America artist page. So take a look!