Emerging Visions Opening Reception (© Agora Gallery)“All real life is encounter.”
Martin Buber
(My translation of the originally German sentence “Alles wirkliche Leben ist Begegnung.” from Martin Buber, Ich und Du, 1923, p. 12.)

I just returned from New York where “Emerging Visions” at Agora Gallery is still running through February 10, 2017. It was great seeing my pictures on the gallery wall. And the opening reception has been wonderful. Natalie Adam, the exhibition coordinator, and everybody at Agora Gallery has done a great job! A lot of people visited, took a look at all the exciting artworks, and embraced the opportunity to talk to the artists present. I had a lot of interesting and pleasant conversations and I have to admit, it is rather flattering being complimented on one’s work. It was also delightful to talk to fellow artists. <!–Take a look at some pictures here.–>

However, there was this one gentleman, meeting whom I will never forget. He came up to me and at first I found it difficult to understand him as his speech was not very clear anymore. His hair was all white and he had certainly seen a lot of life. He told me that he was so glad to have finally found an artist who would appreciate the skies the way he does. Whenever he would go to an exhibition, he would take photographs of his own to show to an artists, but has so far never been able to do that. So he fumbled in his coat pocket and as he was also holding a glass with some complimentary beverage, I offered to hold that for him. He then took out a rather worn envelope containing his photos. Showing me these photographs, he took me to places he had visited and through some of his life as well, always pointing out the beautiful skies in the background. When he was done, he put the photographs back into the envelope and that back into his coat pocket, took his glass again, and went on his way.

New York, the opening reception, walking through Chelsea, on the Highline, and along the Hudson, visiting the Whitney, meeting old friends and making new ones; yes, New York has been quite an experience. Looking back however, meeting a lot of wonderful people will be my favorite memory.