Let’s Welcome Spring

Let's welcome spring!

“Are there violets in the sod,
Crocuses beneath the clod?
When will Boreas give us peace?
Or has Winter signed a lease
For another month of frost,
Leaving Spring to pay the cost?
For it seems he still is king,
Though ‘t is Spring.”
—Christopher Pearse Cranch, A Spring Growl, 1878

It is officially spring in the northern hemisphere according to astronomy! The vernal equinox with the length of day and night being nearly equal has arrived. Winter still lingers around somewhat and the nights are still frosty up here. While the tulips are not out yet, higher daytime temperatures have turned snow into rain so that we have some rather muddy spots here and there, but there is a lot more sunshine too. And today is a gorgeous day! Welcome spring and I hope you’re here to stay!