Anybody Else Ready for Spring?

Snow Falling

Just a little while ago it seemed as the end of winter was near. It was rather mild, most of the snow was gone, birds were chirping, and some bushes and trees seemed about ready to join the spring overture as well. With lengthened daylight hours came the promise of warming sunrays and the end of winter’s greyness.

But cheered too soon, winter came back full swing. There was snow again and temperatures dropped well below freezing. I know, it is only mid-February, and I also really do enjoy a white Christmas, but usually some time rather sooner than later after Christmas, I could do without winter’s chill. I know you are probably asking yourselves now why I am living in the Rockies then… Well other than long and cold winters—and yes, I also just remembered fire season—it’s simply absolutely wonderful here.

And I have to say, when you look at snow from a different angle, it is not just some cold, wetly mass falling from the sky but a rather beautiful example of abstract expressionism.