The World as I See It

Rusty Skies (1), 2015.“The Earth is Art, the Photographer is only a Witness.”
Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Earth from Above

I have been taking pictures of the world around me for quite a while. I like to show this world as it is. It is beautiful enough not to need any post-shot enhancements. Then, what a photograph displays largely depends on literally the point of view of the photographer and on what part of what is in view the photographer chooses to capture. My photography expresses how I see this world. This of course also means that I am dependent on what nature shows me… and on the light of course. The same shot looks totally different when light conditions change. But this is also part of the magic of photography!

And maybe it is this change in light that I find so fascinating in skies. They never look the same. Colors range from a deep summer blue to other shades of blue and are often tinted with whitish clouds; grey in all shades, sometimes fading into tones of lilac; warm reddish, orange hues when the sun sets; and so much more… On some days the skies are of a crystal-clear crispness leaving an impression of infinite depth. On other days, the colors fade into one another showing the vague abstractness of below surface feelings.

All this is what I try to capture in my pictures. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!