by GG

Gabriele Golissa (by GG – Fine Art Photography)I am intrigued by skies. There are days when I could do nothing else but watch the sky above me. I am fascinated by the vague abstractness of what I see. Colors ranging from a deep summer blue to other shades of blue often tinted with whitish clouds; grey in all shades; warm reddish, orange hues when the sun sets, and so much more… I never tire of skies. They are never the same. There is no rationality, only feeling. At best, they make me forget about every day hassles and leave me with a feeling of inner peace and calm.

Photography is my passion. I have degrees both in business administration and in disease prevention and health management and have spent my working life in Germany and Ireland. I also travelled extensively. My, shall we call it, obsession with skies started on a trip to China in the fall of 2014. On the flight from Frankfurt to Beijing, flying eastwards into the night, we saw the most amazing sunset. While most of the other passengers on the Airbus A380 watched movies, I took out my camera and clicked away. I now live in the U.S., in Montananicknamed “Big Sky Country”, and the skies here really are incredible. I cannot help myself: I just have to continue clicking, and clicking, clicking…

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