Open and Limited Editions

With the exception of my signature piece, Perfect Sky, all Skies by Gabriele Golissa™ photo prints are limited editions, each print hand-signed and numbered. For every limited edition, artist’s prints have been made. As soon as all prints of a limited edition are sold, all print sales for that photograph are discontinued.

For every limited edition photograph, I offer different printing options depending on the nature of the photograph. No matter what kind of print you choose, it always counts against the total of available prints per limited edition.

As the skies are limitless, they need print sizes taking this into consideration. I therefore offer prints of 16 x 12 in (40 x 30 cm), 24 x 18 in (80 x 60 cm), and 48 x 36 in (120 x 90 cm) for all Skies by Gabriele Golissa™ photographs. Again, no matter what print size you choose, it always counts against the total of available prints per limited edition.

In addition to the above mentioned prints of a limited edition, I reserve the right to print one museum print per limited edition. I also reserve the right to print an unlimited amount of small prints, for example as photo cards. Both the museum print and the small prints serve to raise public awareness for the photograph and therewith eventually increase the value of your particular piece of art.

All this, and of course the number of available prints per limited edition, I also state in the certificate of authenticity accompanying every print.

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity with matching hologram on the back of an 'Darko's Fire' HD metal print.To prove the genuineness of your limited edition print, I not only hand-sign and number every print, I also issue a certificate of authenticity that I hand-sign as well. Each certificate of authenticity also has information about the photograph and the print, like the name of the photograph, medium and dimensions of the print, or details about the edition.

All certificates of authenticity are printed on Hahnemühle premium deckle edged paper with watermark and fluorescent security fibers. Both the artwork and the certificate of authenticity have an identical serialized numbered hologram ensuring that each certificate belongs to one particular photo print only.