Skies in a Room

“Design, just as art, has multiple definitions, there is no single definition.
Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics.
Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.“
Paul Rand, 1996

What is art? What is design? These questions have been discussed widely. Nonetheless, most pictures will be hung on some wall, in someone’s home. And as I would like you to get a better idea of what a Skies by Gabriele Golissa™ photograph print could look in your home, you find a selection of images showing some Skies in a Room right here.

And keep in mind that Skies by Gabriele Golissa™ photographs as HD metal prints are nearly weather proof and can also be displayed in normally difficult surroundings like bathrooms, patios, or decks. So there are almost limitless possibilities.

I have uploaded some of my Skies by Gabriele Golissa™ photographs as models on 3D Warehouse. So if you use SketchUp, take a look there.

'Skies in a Room' by Gabriele Golissa featured on Houzz Italy

The following images result from an ongoing effort to cooperate with interior designers, architects, construction companies, and exclusive furniture retailers. So far, Maiden Home displayed my artwork in their NYC showroom. Eldorado Stone and Hart Design & Construction have been so kind to give me their permission to use their photographs and place a Skies by Gabriele Golissa™ photograph in them. You find detailed references on the respective photo pages by clicking on a photo.


“Over Greenland” at Maiden Home in NYC
“Grey Horses” in a contemporary living room
“Before the Storm (1)” in a rustic kitchen
“Over Russia (1) & (2)” in a contemporary living room
“Darko’s Fire” in a rustic living room
“Smoky Clouds” in a rustic bedroom
“Clouds of Love and Passion (3) & (4)” in a mountain style bathroom
“Perfect Sky” in a Trendy Living Room
“Rusty Skies (1)” in a rustic patio remodel
“Running” in an eclectic living room
“Rusty Skies (5)” in a rustic bathroom
“Dolphin” and “Tatanka” in a lofted master bedroom suite with en-suite bathroom
“Rusty Clouds (2)” in a modern bathroom
“Rusty Skies (4)” in a contemporary entrance hall
“Running” in a modern kitchen
“Before the Storm (1)” in a contemporary living room