Why is some of the content that used to be on your website not here anymore?

I moved my website to a new provider a little while ago. I am sorry for any inconveniences this might cause. Most of the content is back by now. And I have added Artsies by GG. However, I am not selling limited edition prints of my photographs through my website at the moment, but plan to do that again in the near future. In the meantime, I offer a selection of open and limited edition prints through Saatchi Art. And you can always get in touch with me directly here.

Why do you have your logo on all your pictures?

Online, I have a watermark on all my pictures for protection. Even though I do not allow downloading of my photographs, website visitors can still do screenshots. With the use of watermarks, I can at least prevent the unauthorized use of the complete photograph or of the photograph as it originally was, and therefore also protect the value of your limited edition print. And of course the watermark will not be on the actual print you will receive!

Why do you offer your e-book (ePUB) for iPad and Mac only?

When you read e-books, you read them from an e-book file that your e-book reader or app optimizes for the device you are using. As a user, you can make additional adjustments for e.g. font or font-size. Such a reflowable e-book file usually comes with a single column and inline images and works great for text-heavy e-books. The carefully crafted layout of an art book however, especially when it has many and full-spread pictures, literally falls apart when made reflowable and becomes almost unreadable. For books like “Skies/Himmel”, a fixed-layout is essential. While ePUB-3 supports fixed-layouts, no other device or operating system (OS) than the ones from the Apple universe fully support ePUB-3. It runs on other OS, but they do not properly display the e-book. I would love to offer “Skies/Himmel” for other devices, but right now that is just not possible. This will hopefully change in the future. I also do not recommend viewing it on an iPhone. Even though it will display properly, the screen size is just way too small to really enjoy it.

What are the differences between the two e-book versions (ePUB/Mobi)?

While the ePUB-version will only run properly on iPad and Mac, the Mobi-version will run on a variety of devices. Through the Kindle-App, you can enjoy it on devices from the Apple universe as well as on such that run Windows or Android. And of course directly on a Kindle.
However, while ePUB-3 fully embraces a lot of the potentials of an e-book, Mobi is more limited in its options, especially when the file has to go through a conversion process to be available through Amazon. In addition, the Mobi-file of the same e-book has a larger file size than its ePUB-3 counterpart. The Mobi-version of “Skies/Himmel” therefore does not offer external Hyperlinks to additional information which the ePUB-version does. It also does not include the video featured in the ePUB-version.
You can download samples of the e-book from both iTunes/iBooks and Amazon before purchase. So if you are in doubt, take a look at these samples before you decide. And no matter whether you choose the ePUB- or the Mobi-version, you can enjoy Skies by Gabriele Golissa™ with both e-books!


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