Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon by Gabriele Golissa™

Limited edition photographs, hand signed and numbered. Pictures of and about the two luminaries that dominate our sky.

Including the Sun and the Moon into my skyscapes was and is a challenge, as these bright objects not only dominate the sky but naturally then also tend to domineer the photographs, but I think I managed to still capture the feeling of certain special sky-moments. So some­times the light of Sun or Moon becomes the focal point of a picture as it did when I took the photograph. Sometimes it serves to simply accentuate the atmosphere.

Including not only the Sun but also the Moon opened new doors and I experimented with nighttime photography. It also raised my awareness for small and large solar and lunar events, from the different phases of the Moon to lunar and solar eclipses. And I also caught the aurora virus and will probably hunt for these wonderful light displays again and again!

So take a look at the slideshow above and visit the following picture galleries to join me on my explorations of Sun and Moon.

The slideshow above comes with Aaron Howard’s “Candles in the Dark” from his album Who I Am.


Lunar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse
Polar Lights