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Fine Art Photographer Gabriele Golissa Takes the Reader on a Journey through Her Skies

MISSOULA, MT, June 27, 2017 – Tian Books proudly presents: “Skies/Himmel” by Gabriele Golissa – An inspiring and informative voyage through the world above.

The skies above us are beautiful. The clear crispness of a deep blue summer sky. The romantic rose and orange hues of an evening sky. The shapes and patterns of a cloudy sky. The powerful cloud towers of a storm, to mention just a few of the stunning skies out there. Fine art photographer Gabriele Golissa has a passion for skies and, with her new book “Skies/Himmel”, takes the reader on a journey through her skies.

Too often we do not pay attention to the wonderful world above us, take it for granted. With her photography as well as with her book, Golissa aspires to give people reason to look at and to be inspired by the sky more often. She paints amorphous picture planes of skies with her camera and has now put together a selection of her favorite photographs of skies. “Skies/Himmel” however is more than just a mere photo book, as Golissa also shares her curiosity about  different sky phenomena and asks—and answers—questions like “Why is the sky often blue?” or “Where do clouds come from?” in layperson’s terms.

As a fine art photographer, Golissa takes her art one step further though. Aware of the fact that most artwork is on display in someone’s home, she shows how Skies by Gabriele Golissa photographs look in different interior settings. The viewer finds examples of how these photographs can harmoniously fit into a room or become the focus of attention.

Born in Germany but now living in Montana, a state whose nickname is “Big Sky Country”, Golissa feels at home in both the German and the English language. Accordingly, the book is fully bilingual. “Skies/Himmel” is not a common book and does not fit into any one category. Instead, it is a book for art lovers, fans of photography and interior design, and nature enthusiasts alike.

For more information on “Skies/Himmel” visit Tian Books’ website at https://www.tianbooks.info. The book is available at local bookstores and online retailers.

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