A Farewell to Summer

Sunny Skies

“Summer gathers up her robes of glory,
And like a dream of beauty glides away.”
—Sarah Helen Power Whitman (1803-1878), A Still Day in Autumn

Meteorologists say it’s the first day of fall tomorrow. Though I have to say, it has almost felt like November already a couple of days ago. But I am not complaining; this summer has been so much better than the last one. Warm but not hot and accordingly a lot less wildfires and smoke. There still was, and every now and then is, some smoke from fires north and west of here, but breathing has been so much easier this summer!

Though for me every season has its own charms and I do love them all, I am nonetheless sorry that summer is over. I still cling to my flip-flops and avoid socks and real shoes whenever possible. I wonder if it’s because we wear so much less clothes in summer than in winter that everything seems lighter and easier when it’s nice and warm outside? And with the Sun shining from a deep blue summer sky, the world looks so much friendlier and …well… warmer. So, farewell to thee fair summer and until next year!