“Skies/Himmel” Featured in IPA’s Newly Published “IPA 2017 Book of Photography”

"IPA 2017 Book of Photography" features "Skies/Himmel"

The International Photography Awards (IPA) just published its new annual book “IPA 2017 Book of Photography”. The book features the winning entries from the IPA 2017 photography competition as well as a directory listing of honorable mention entries.

As a bronze winner in a book category, Skies/Himmel is part of this collection of diverse work of the outstanding photographers who have participated in the IPA 2017 competition, showing work from across many genres and from all around the world. Looking at this wonderful IPA publication makes me again feel humbled and grateful that Skies/Himmel has been chosen a winner alongside such magnificent works of photography.

Seasonal Book Trailer for „Skies/Himmel“ Published

Not that a book really needs a trailer, but it was fun putting one together. So here it is: the seasonal book trailer for Skies/Himmel that also comes with some Christmas-music.  The „Silent Night“-variation is by Jon Sayles. Enjoy!

Update on: Lavinia Iulia Falcan Illustrates Children’s Book (2)

The Pink Little Cloud

“My beloved pink cloud, everything happens for a reason! You don’t have to be sad just because you are different from the rest. Every creature has its own fate, both in the sky and on Earth.”
—Cristina Donovici, The Pink Little Cloud, 2017

Here is another one of these wonderful and so colorful illustrations by Lavinia: The Pink Little Cloud and His Brothers.

Update on: Lavinia Iulia Falcan Illustrates Children’s Book

Lavinia Iulia Falcan with her "Little Pink Cloud"

“In the clear blue sky, in a big white cloudy house, lived six cloud brothers. Five of them were grey, while the other one was pink. The grey little clouds used to always laugh and make jokes at the pink one, just because he was different…”
Cristina Donovici, The Little Pink Cloud, 2017

Lavinia just told me that there actually is an English translation for the book in the making. I can hardly wait to read about the Little Pink Cloud in English!

PS: Above you see Lavinia with one of her Little Pink Cloud illustrations.