Changes on Saatchi Art and on

Over Russia (1), 2014.“All things move and nothing remains still”
Socrates referring to Heraclitus of Ephesus in Plato, Cratylus, 360 BCE, section 402a

I have been doing some restructuring, here on my website and also on Saatchi Art. I have made a few more prints available on Saatchi Art and will continue to do so in the future. I do not offer fine art or gallery photo paper prints anymore, however, canvas prints are still available for some photographs and I have added original photo prints under acrylic glass and HD metal prints.

Here on my website, you will now find an info-section with a lot of information about the different printing options, the different editions I offer, and much more. I have also added more photographs and arranged them in new collections. And perhaps the biggest change is, that you can now order prints of my photographs here on my website!

If you enjoy my photographs, please like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter and Saatchi Art. Hope to see you there soon!